Public Serpents

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Upper Downer / Public Serpents - West Coast vs East Coast Split Cassette Tape
Upper Downer Side (West Coast)
  1. We're Looking at You
  2. KKKPD

Public Serpents Side (East Coast)
  1. Irreverence
  2. Hate No More
Front of Shirt
PREORDER Punks Arguing Over Nothing T-Shirt PREORDER
Orders are expected to ship starting the week of 7/26/2020!

T-shirts are black, with the Punks Arguing Over Nothing logo on the front, and a photo of the infamous punk jacket on the back. All sales go towards funding the new Public Serpents album, The Bully Puppet, due out October 2020.
PREORDER Public Serpents - The Bully Puppet 12" Vinyl PREORDER
After numerous setbacks, including a prison term and losing everything, the long awaited follow up to 2008's The Feeding of the Fortune 5000 is almost ready to slither forth... but Public Serpents need your help!

All proceeds from the pre-sales will go towards funding the completion of the album, scheduled to be released in October 2020. Included in the pre-sale pack is the album on 12" vinyl, a digital download code for the album, a poster and a sticker.

The album will feature 16 tracks of pure Ska/Punk/Crack Rock Steady mayhem for your listening pleasure, featuring high caliber guests such as the one and only Jason Navarro from The Suicide Machines. You can check out the music video for the first single, Armageddon Stomp (featuring Jason Navarro) below! Release

GoFundMe Link

Escape From the Zoo & Public Serpents 7" Vinyl Split
This is a preorder for the much anticipated Escape From The Zoo / Public Serpents 7" Split record

Escape From the Zoo Side:
  1. Firelink
  2. Frank Sinatra (cake cover)
Public Serpents Side:
  1. When Pigs Lie
  2. Crust Punk Girl (Dead Milkmen Cover)

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